Holiday to Ibiza – english

I started planning this trip yet in early March, when the date F*** me I am famous firtst party in Pacha Ibiza was announced. I am an Ibiza maniac and because my girlfriend has her birthday on July 26th, was not that hard to find an excuse. Break to Ibiza, that she also loves would be the best for a birthday present. But honestly – this was mainly a present for myself.

Travel agents in UK do not do four day breaks to Balearics, not in early June, before holiday season, hence I spent all Saturday looking for a flight that would get me to Ibiza. Decided for – Wednesday after work, until the end of the weekend. All that remained was to tell my girlfriend – she’d get her birthday present a bit earlier.

I had to keep it secret – what thegift was going to be, so only two days before the flight I told her to pack her bag for four days. She could not help asking what the weather is was going to be like and things like that, but I did not tell her anything. Just told her to pack a lot of fancy lingerie.

On Wednesday the day of outbound flight – I even took much longer way around the town, not to give away we were going to the airport. My advice – think twice before using cheap ones which are ofthen few miles away from the terminal, as the one I got to – was not a quarter an hour drive from the airport, but almost 30 minutes. I missed check in, and very friendly lady told us to book another flight. But eventually she rang the boarding and checked us in. This is when everything became clear. where we were going.

We landed about 9PM, in Ibiza airport where warm Mediterranean air welcomed us. when getting out of that freezing plane). Now I need to pick up a car from rental company. The four day adventure began.

Cala Tarida is a very little place, with literally few houses and a bus stop and a little shop. But it also has one of most beautiful beaches of Ibiza. Cala Tarida beach is a shore of the bay surrounded by massive rocks (cliffs). First thing I wanted to do – was to have a dinner looking a the Mediterranean sunset. Did not make it in time. Missed it about 15 minutes. But anyway – I was there on my favourite beach that was even more beautiful than usual that night.

Could not miss this opportunity, while waiting for my pizza, to go down some stairs and check the water. Sea was literally flat- like a glass table, and the water – surprisingly warm. I could not resist, so took off my trousers.

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